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Chevy Caprice

Chevrolet Caprice was launched by General Motors through its Chevrolet division in 1965. The production continued till 1996 model year when it was suspended. Caprice, which was later termed as Caprice Classic, used to be the most expensive and hence most luxurious car of the Chevrolet car family at that time. In 1987, the LS trim level was introduced that provided a lavish interior in cloth or leather upholstery with vinyl roofs.

Having features like a V8 engine which could produce up to 425 horse powers, automatic transmission system, power steering, vinyl top and white sidewall tyres, Chevy Caprice was the most luxurious Chevy in the market at that time. Cruise speed control, AM/FM stereo, dual airbags, rear wiper, power windows and power seats are some of the prominent features that were embedded in Chevy Caprice at that time.

The initial models were based on Chevy Impala. In 1971, extensive styling and redesigning was carried out for Chevy Caprice turning the vehicle into a more aerodynamic like car. The Caprice received the Car of the Year award by Motor Trend magazine, in 1977 and 1991 model years. This shows the popularity of the vehicle among general public in the market.

For years, the Chevy Caprice has been a choice of high class and rich families since only they can afford it. Till some time back, it was considered to be a status symbol to drive a Chevrolet Caprice automobile on roads.

Though the production has been stopped now yet there is huge demand for Caprice in the market and hence the consequent demand for spare parts for Chevy Caprice. We at iAutoBodyParts realize the importance of providing a high quality part at affordable cost. In addition, all our spare parts have lifetime warranty. Hence, from Caprice radiator support to Caprice rear and front bumpers, we have all the parts. Contact us through our online system to get the most economical solution for your Chevy Caprice.

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