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Chevy Blazer

Chevrolet Blazer was a SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) from General Motors. The Blazer was launched in 1983 and the production lasted till 2005. Afterwards, the Blazer was replaced with TrailBlazer and TrailBlazer EXT. These were launched mainly in competition with Ford Explorer.

They used to come in 2 door SUVs and 4 door SUVs with 4 speed automatic and 5 speed manual transmission systems. The wheelbase was 100.5 inch for 2 door and 107 inch for 4 door SUV. They are sometimes also called as S-series or GMC S-15 Jimmy because a series of automobiles were developed and launched under the Chevy Blazer name through the period from 1983 till 2005.

The Blazer was one of the all time most popular SUV in United States. This can be gauged from the title of 'Truck of the Year' by Motor Trend magazine in 1995 which was awarded to none other than the Chevy Blazer.

Other updates include changing the front grille with single head light system to a grille with stacked head lights in 1998, TrailBlazer was first introduced as an upgrade to LS and LT trims for Chevy Blazer. The engine was a 2.2 L L4313 SFI system with the capability to generate 120 horse power of energy. Due to the continuous decline in sales, the production was stopped in 2005 and the Blazer was replaced with TrailBlazer as stated above.

The truck provides the same comfort and ease of use which is the mark of all Chevrolet automobiles. This might be the reason for its fair resale market in United States and in other countries.

We offer Chevy Blazer air conditioner's condenser for only $74.93 as opposed to its OEM price of $370.66. Similarly, the Chevy Blazer 16 inch by 7 inch alloy wheel is available for a discounted price of $319.99 instead of OEM price of $799.98. All other spare parts are easily available at iAutoBodyParts with lifetime warranty and at highly discounted rates.

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