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Chevy Aveo

Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback was introduced by General Motors in 2003 in competition with Toyota Yaris, Scion XA, and Nissan Versa. Aveo is one of the lowest priced cars offered in United States. Owing to its low cost, the Aveo Hatchback has been quite successful in other markets like Europe, India, Philippines, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Middle East and South Africa.

The shape of the Chevy Aveo is such that the interior seems to be larger than what the exterior of the car suggests. There are two transmission systems in use for Aveo Hatchback, the 4 speed automatic system and 5 speed manual transmission system. When the vehicle was launched, it was called 'the American revolution' due to its low cost and high capacity. You step inside the car and the very first thing you will notice is the spacious interior of the car.

In 2007, the Aveo Hatchback was renamed as Aveo5 in the United States. It is small car for big market consisting of middle and lower income groups. The car can be purchased for around $10,000 which is much cheaper than other members of the Chevy family and this is one of the reasons for the high penetration that the Aveo Hatchback has made in third world markets.

The Aveo5 or Aveo Hatchback has two trim levels, LS and Special Value. The LS Aveo is better of the two and has air conditioning and carpeted floor mats. In addition, it has cruise control system, sunroof, keyless entry feature, power windows, CD and MP3 player, alloy wheels and is equipped with other attractive features.

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