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Chevy Astro

Chevrolet Astro was introduced in 1985 by General Motors to compete against Japanese Toyota Van and American Dodge Caravan/ Plymouth Voyager twins. It was a rear-wheel drive minivan that became instantly popular as cargo vans in addition to being used for passenger purposes.

Though the Chevy Astro was frequently called as a minivan, yet it was bigger than Chevy Lumina APV and a bit smaller than the full size Chevrolet Express. Astro used to have a traditional truck frame structure.

The Chevy Astro was so powerful that it could pull as heavy as 5,500 lbs of weight with proper supporting equipment. The traditional front wheel drive minivans can not tow this much heavy weights; hence it was a definite advantage of Astro over the conventional car based models of minivans.

The Astro engines range from 16 horse power to 190 horse power V6 engines, and there was a seating capacity of 8 persons. In 1990, the rear-wheel drive system was replaced by an optional all-wheel drive system (AWD). The GM Astro van was built with a bolt on sub-frame using the front suspension from GM station wagon with a leaf-spring rear suspension.

In 2005, the production for Chevy Astro was stopped following a declining sales trend. This was due to the fact that another van from Chevrolet, the Chevy Express was in the markets. Even then, there is an attractive resale market for Astro Vans. Owing to its truck like design, Chevy Astro is still popular among enthusiasts and off road campers. The Chevy Astro is a combination of large searing and cargo capacity, all wheel drive, and powerful engine that makes it a right choice.

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