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About Audi

It wasn't until 1970 that Audi was imported to the United States, with most people being familiar with the Audi Fox, and then in the 80s the Quattro was developed as a turbocharged full time all wheel drive.

It's interesting to note that Audi was the only manufacturer of an in-line five-cylinder engine. This little five cylinder was often times turbocharged and was used in their race cars, but it never caught on and was difficult to modify for other vehicles. Audi developed a 2.8 L V-6 engine, which gave the Audi a choice of a four-cylinder, five-cylinder and a six-cylinder engine for Sedans, Cabriolets and Coupe's.

The Quattro was the harbinger to the Audi association of having advances in automotive technology; with the Quattro having prominent wins and proving that all wheel racecars could dominate the market. Well into the '90s, Audi dominated touring and super touring motor racing, with all wheel drive finally being banned by the FIA in 1998. Beginning in 1999 Audi built the Audi R8 and competed in sports car racing including the 24 hours of LeMans, with many of their R8 cars going under different name brands and winning continually throughout the sports car racing world.

Audi has long been a competitor for economical and technically advanced cars as well as a serious competitor in any racing field the world over. Owning an Audi is a bit like owning a bit of the racing world itself with many of their cars so technically advanced that you never know what's coming next. Now you have the option of a small onboard computer to help with radio, heating and cooling, directions, TV and satellite navigation that is similar to a home computer with a menu and directions. Audi has many technological advances that compete directly with major brand names BMW and Mercedes-Benz, and Audi has every intention of surpassing the sales of BMW and Mercedes-Benz by the year 2015.

Replacement Audi Parts

Audi vehicles have been made with 100% galvanize bodies to prevent corrosion; in fact they now carry a 12 year warranty on rust and corrosion perforation. This means that unless you bought an Audi 20 years ago there's a good chance that your body panels, bumpers, and door panels are in good condition. But if you've had a collision recently and need to replace body panels, or any other body replacement part, be sure to get the same guarantee, or even better, a lifetime guarantee on your body replacement parts for your Audi. Here at we offer just that, a lifetime guarantee on any replacement body parts you purchase from us. Don't purchase inferior body parts for your Audi just because they're cheaper, get a body replacement part that will match the rest of your car in corrosion resistance and one with a lifetime guarantee from

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